A New Way Forward for the Pipe Organ: 

Traditional Pipe Organ building skills and experience applied to Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ technology

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Just Released

We're excited to announce our digital republication of Donald Willing's 1976 work: Organ Playing and Design: A Plea for Exuberance with an interesting Foreword written by Dan Lemieux of Meta Organworks.
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"How I fell in love, lost my way, and then fell back

in love with the Pipe Organ...."


An approach that is much better for Churches, and Musicians! 

Why is Meta Better for

the Church?


For decades electronic/digital organs have been driven by proprietary technology that lasts between 20 to 30 years - they were treated as practically throwaway appliances with service and repair being costly and difficult to secure. All that changes with a Meta Organ The technologies we use are universal and therefore readily available, interchangeable, and affordable.  A Meta Organ is more like a traditional acoustic pipe organ but without the annual tuning and maintenance bill. (see the "Longevity" information on the "Features" page).

“Before I heard it, I was a skeptic. I closed my eyes and I could not tell the difference [between an acoustic pipe organ and a Meta virtual organ]”

– Eric Mazonson

Organist & Director of Music Cavalary UMC, Middletown, RI.

Why is Meta Better for

the Musician?

Our technology brings a whole new level and dimension of realism to digital organ building - that’s why we call it virtual organ building. This technology gives the musicians access to digital replicas of masterpiece organs and sets your musicality free - like all truly great instruments (See information on Versatility and Acoustics on the "Features" page for other amazing aspects of a Meta). 


A Meta Organ provides better support for choirs and congregational singing. The end result is more meaningful musical experiences! 

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