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A Letter from Dan Lemieux,

Creator and Artistic Director of Meta Organworks 

Meta Organworks is leading a pipe organ renaissance by practicing the exciting art of virtual pipe organ building, using traditional pipe organ building skills and values. At the heart of a Meta Organ is a well-established software program called Hauptwerk, which allows access to hundreds of pipe organs that have been recorded, pipe-by-pipe, by experts from around the world. Meta uses this source material to build beautiful organs that perfectly match your space and needs. This approach to organ building achieves an incredible sound and flexibility that is affordable for most churches. 


A Meta Organ is an organ of organs.  Touch screens allow for reconfiguration to access multiple distinguished pipe organs from one console. We curate the works of master builders into different sanctuaries, making their art come to life in your space. In addition to complete pedigreed Baroque and Romantic organs, Meta Organs also come with excellent examples of mid-century and modern eclectic American organ building (i.e. Aeolian-Skinner & Rosales). We provide a world of possibility, and you choose what is right for your circumstances. Our goal at META is to respect, provide access to, and properly curate pipe organs of integrity - All in one organ console and at a high artistic level.  


We are so excited to share the great works of master organ builders such as Skinner, Cavaillé-Coll, Rosales, Willis, Schnitger, Silbermann, and many more. Our mission is to create organs that speak to the soul and bring beauty and joy to sacred music.


Daniel Lemieux 

Artistic Director

"Dan is a true professional of his craft; Prompt, flexible, courteous; very knowledgeable about what is available and how to get the best results with each instrument."Vella Melzer, Organist, St. Cyril’s Catholic Church, Binghamton, NY


Meta Organworks was created by Daniel Lemieux, who has spent over 25 years as a traditional pipe organ builder at Lemieux & Associates Pipe Organ Co., LLC.


Dan studied organ performance and music history at The Eastman School of Music and SUNY-Buffalo. He was raised in Southeast Massachusetts and now lives  and operates Meta Organworks, a family business, near Saratoga Springs, NY.


Dan’s passion for the pipe organ began at age 13, when his brother returned from France with a CD of Pierre Cochereau playing the organ of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. Since then he has been immersed in the world of pipe organs and has participated in the restoration, renovation, and building of many diverse pipe organs across the northeast. His life's work is the art and craft of quality organ building. One notable project is building the gallery organ at Bethesda Episcopal Church, Saratoga Springs, which was donated by the famous actor David Hyde Pierce and his siblings in memory of their parents.  


Throughout the course of his career, he has seen an increasing need for a high integrity, cost-effective solution for the churches with whom he works. Like many organists & builders, he was dissatisfied with the electronic/digital organs on the market. After several years of research and development, including study trips abroad, he found an innovative way forward using a unique combination of the best technology of our day and a traditional acoustic pipe organ builder’s skill set. Dan sees his work as both interpretive sacred art and a great deal of fun!

"He did a fantastic job. The sound is powerful. There's a variety of colors. They even hand-picked pipes originally from the 1920s ... They have a warm, mellow sound, and the sound compliments the beauty of this church"
-David Hyde Pierce, Actor and Musician


"What a difference. For once, I can pull out stops and not worry about what I’m going to hear... Thanks so much for making the organ a great instrument to play again!"
-David Langevin, Organist

"The tuning job you did was superb. The organ has never, in my seven years here, been so in tune. Some parishioners and choir members even commented on how good it was sounding right after your visit. Thank you!"
-Patrick A. Campbell, Director of Music
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Pawtucket, RI

"First, a heartfelt thank you for making it sound better than it has in the approximately 4 years I've been here. It truly "sings" now. Even the choir I noticed the big improvement. Thank you again for your considerable efforts."
-Susan Bork, Organist, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Little Falls, NY