Gilead Lutheran Church

Troy, NY

The 12th century church of St. Eucaire in Metz, France is home to this beautiful and powerful 28 rank, 1902 two manual Cavaille-Coll organ. This instrument is a perfect example of a smaller style French Romantic organ and offers a wide range of tonal colors from a carefully selected palette of stops. To create the virtual organ, Milan Digital Audio recorded nearly 10,000 audio samples in 24 bit 48 kHz HD stereo audio resolution. The original church acoustics, original organ tuning, multiple releases, fully modelled expression pedals, and 8 seamless loops per note all come together to recreate the true sound, including its iregularites and flaws that are part of what makes a great pipe organ sound so full of life. 




One exciting innovation is the perspective mixer, which allows the organist to set the acoustics in real time by mixing the recordings taken close to the pipework with those taken in the middle of the room. When adding in the room, you are replicating the original “wet” acoustics for a virtual experience. When taking the original room perspective out, you are left with the natural acoustics of your sanctuary space. As you’re listening to the organ, look at the pictures to the left then close your eyes and picture yourself in this medieval european church. For normal service playing, the virtual acoustics are generally not used in order to psychoacoustically match congregational singing. Having virtual acoustics sure makes for an exciting and fun concert instrument! 


The stop tabs have been translated to make this organ  practical for Americans. The organ has a monitor on which you can see the orignal stops and even a virtual console (pictured on the right). Also, accessed from the monitor is the console control system which features everything an organist could need including instant pitch and temperament adjustment, transposer, infinite memory levels, and record/playback. This organ proves that starting with a world-class pipe organ from one of the great masters can translate across time, liturgy, and technology to serve as a practical and artistically inspiring parish organ. 


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Gilead Lutheran Church Dedication Recital Program 

“When Gilead Lutheran Church’s pipe organ was beyond repair, we were faced with the difficult decision on how to move forward. Trusting in Dan’s knowledge of pipe organs, we purchased the Meta Organ. The congregation is very pleased with the instrument! Since it is voiced for the acoustics of our Sanctuary, the sounds are really amazing and people think we have a new acoustic pipe organ. I truly Enjoy playing this organ!”

-Darlene Shanahan, Organist and Musical Director Gilead Lutheran Church, Troy, NY.