A Meta organ is the last organ you'll ever buy!


A Meta Organ is more like a traditional acoustic pipe organ but without the annual tuning and maintenance. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. A Meta Organ consists of a state-of-the-art sound system, a powerful Windows based computer, MIDI organ hardware in a wooden console, and sample set software.  The software is proprietary and licensed but purchase it once (included in the cost of a Meta Organ), and you own it forever and it never “wears out”.  The computer is serviceable like any other PC.  It has been designed, built, and programmed by us to serve as the “brain” of your organ and is never put online.  This singular purpose considerably extends the life of the computer. And rest assured, all your software and sample sets are backed up and easily restored. 


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If the organ hardware (i.e. keyboards, pedalboard, pistons) wears out, they are all standard, universal MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology and can be replaced in the future by any MIDI hardware. If organ hardware (or any element) fails on an “old school”, proprietary digital organ, chances are that particular model has become obsolete, parts are no longer available and it can’t be repaired. Meta is leading the way in this paradigm shift from proprietary to universality in the organ industry. We believe this shift is in the best interest of the church and will help keep the pipe organ alive and vital as an artistic medium for sacred music. 

That’s a bold statement but that doesn’t mean that it will never need repairs or that parts won’t wear out. What it does mean, is that the technologies we use are universal and therefore readily available, interchangeable, and affordable. Many churches are dealing with the fact that their electronic/digital organs are failing and it is difficult to get them repaired.  Unlike a Meta Organ, “old-school” electronic/digital organs are often sealed units with proprietary technology.