Although your Meta Organ has an on-board recorder, the addition of the external Pro-Filer allows you to easily manage your MIDI recordings and play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward through entire play lists of content via a remote control. Another fun fact about MIDI files is that you can change the tempo of the piece, and this can also be done via the remote. Think of a MIDI file as being like a player piano roll but with the perfect accuracy. Each action is being recorded exactly as you played it live.

The Pro-Filer sits on top of the console and has a touch screen interface that allows the user to create play lists. It uses standard USB flash drives which can store a lot of music.

Use the remote control to play your recordings from anywhere in the building. 

This is an optional addition to your Meta Organ. All other features/aspects, including installation, are covered by the all-inclusive price. 


The Pro-Filer can be added to your Meta Organ for $1057.00

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