St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Natick, MA

This Meta Organ was installed for consideration at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Natick, MA. Eleven virtual organ sample sets were contained within the one console. 

1902 St. Eucaire, Metz, France -  Cavaille-Coll

1903 Notre Dame de Metz, France – Cavaille-Coll

1928 Mt. Carmel, Chicago, IL – E.M. Skinner

1721 St. Georgenkirche, Rotha, Germany – Silbermann

1907 St. Anne’s Mosely, Birmingham, England – Brindley & Foster

1587 Smecno – Oldest organ in Czech Republic

1885 St. Etienne, Caen, France – Cavaille-Coll

Circa 1500 Kiedrich – Oldest working organ in Germany

1957 Opus 1301, First Covenant Church, Oakland, CA – Aeolian Skinner

1981 Opus 11 Trinity Episcopal, Portland, OR – Rosales 

1892 Hereford Cathedral, England – Father Willis 

Please look below for demonstration and performance videos of the Meta Organ. 

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