Every control feature you could possibly need is contained in a Meta Organ, but we have also carefully organized and presented these features in a way that is streamlined and easy to work with.

At the touch of a button you can effortlessly transpose by half step. The pitch and temperament of the organ can be changed so it can accompany any other instrument. There is unlimited combination system memory levels accessible via touch screen which can be labeled, filed, and backed up. Keeping things simple and eloquent, we have reduced the cumbersome traditional combination system down to twenty pistons and ten toe studs. This is accomplished by implementing a European style stepper system (also known as a piston sequencer). Once you have become familiarized with our system, you will love how easy it makes things! 


Like nearly every acoustic organ built in the last twenty years, ours has record/playback capability but our system is the most innovative and useful for several reasons. When you hit record, both a .WAV recording and a MIDI recording is made. The .WAV is like having a professional audio engineer recording your performance in the studio, creating a crystal clear CD quality recording, each and every time.  You can save this file to a USB, transfer it to your laptop, and email it to a soloist or choir member for them to listen to or practice with. You can make your own CDs of your best performances! The MIDI file is more like a player organ. Think of it like a piano roll punching on/off actions into a digital scroll. These are used to play back the organ itself. You can prerecord parts of the service, play over yourself with additional parts, hear how the organ sounds in the middle of the room, or free up an arm for conducting. It is quite useful! For no additional costs you are now able to be a recording artist and create a catalogue of your work for posterity. 

“I love the console. Plays so easy!”

– Brink Bush Concert Organist

Features tool bar: This is where you can change temperament and pitch, transpose, and access combination system memory levels.

recording features.jpg

Recording tool bar: This is where you can record and select MIDI files for playback.